a more INTELLIGENT approach to equipment finance

Cutting-edge or budget cuts? Maintaining the upper hand during economic uncertainty…

Industry has been grappling with the balance between innovation through new technology and the budgetary constraints imposed by cash flow and future uncertainty throughout the ages. And while firms can be forgiven for feeling like today’s pace of change is hard to keep up with, it is important to maintain some perspective and not get caught up in the short-term furore.… Read more

Why 3d printing is set to change the way we eat

A scientific approach to cooking has been popularised by chefs like Heston Blumenthal in recent times. However, science has always played its part in our consumption of food. Given that we are now more conscious than ever about the provenance and the nutritional benefits of what we eat, the technology looks set to play an increasingly bigger part.… Read more

The different types of asset finance

Asset finance is a popular choice for businesses looking to acquire new equipment. It can provide a variety of options without the burden of an outright purchase.

Many British manufacturers look towards specialist firms to provide the support needed to fund growth and future development.… Read more

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