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Equipment leasing solutions that reach beyond finance

For more than 35 years, the Somerset family of companies has redefined equipment finance and rental. We take our clients further by providing services around the financing of equipment for mid-sized and large companies throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. From equipment needs starting under £100,000 and reaching to £25,000,000 and beyond, our unique asset-driven solutions bring a more intelligent approach to your commercial equipment requirements. Learn more about how we can help your company think bigger and go beyond finance.

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How to increase your equipment sales

A guided tour through the sales process with a focused look at overcoming the final hurdle

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Your manufacturing business in a post-Brexit world

A detailed look at the opportunities that the UK’s exit from the EU could offer to those manufacturers on the front foot

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How can we help you go Beyond Finance?

The greatest achievements always start by asking simple questions.  Click on the images below to learn how Somerset’s comprehensive list of services and unique approach to financing equipment can help decision makers like you think bigger and go beyond finance.

Our approach for financial executives

Our approach for operations managers

Our approach for Key Business Introducers

Our approach for commercial equipment dealers

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