a more INTELLIGENT approach to equipment finance

The different types of asset finance

Asset finance is a popular choice for businesses looking to acquire new equipment. It can provide a variety of options without the burden of an outright purchase.

Many British manufacturers look towards specialist firms to provide the support needed to fund growth and future development.… Read more

Understanding leasing options for your company’s equipment?

Equipment leasing in the UK, has recorded strong growth in recent years. There are many different reasons as to why so many businesses feel comfortable, acquiring new equipment through leasing as opposed to an outright purchase. For example;

  • Leasing is a more cost-effective way to invest in new equipment while maintaining cash or preserving lines of credit
  • Immediate access to equipment at the point it is needed
  • Flexibility gained from having access to a wider range of funding options
  • Avoidance of risk on asset utilisation
  • Upgraded technology
  • Access to equipment repairs and maintenance

Of course, each business will have to factor in its own situation and financial considerations, but the overall decision must be company specific.… Read more

Brexit, uncertainty and moving beyond an unnecessary pause in capital expenditures

Recent downturns and troubling economic matters have demonstrated that uncertainty breeds timidity. Cautious attitudes towards corporate investment are bantered about whenever there is even the smallest bit of less than appealing news in the global macroeconomic outlook. Now enter Brexit, a both legitimate and media-frenzied gift to fueling uncertain mindsets and fear that keeps capital on the sidelines with growth reserved in a favor of preparing for troubling weather.… Read more

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